St Mark's
Bible Study

"They devoted themselves to the apostles' teaching and to fellowship, to the breaking of bread and to prayer."
Acts 2:42

Just as the early church devoted themselves to the apostles' teaching, bible study is an important part of St Mark's.

There are a number of different bible studies that run at different point in the year. Please check the What's On page to see when the bible studies are on.

The Ladies Bible and Fellowship meets in the Manse at 10am on Saturday mornings, and a warm welcome awaits any ladies in the congregation who would like to join us. We meet every 2nd Saturday during a study series, which is between eight and ten meeting, most of which are designed specifically for women.

The shared questions and personal areas of the study are also designed to help us explore not just our personal relationship with God but how we see this working in our lives. The studies are challenging and from this comes greater awareness and understanding of God's word.

The Mens Bible study meets at the same time and place as the Ladies bible study and will use the same material but the studies are separate.

Introductory courses like Alpha or Christianity Explorers are usually run once a year. All our meetings are open and are a good opportunity to share together and develop our faith. It is amazing how a question we thought everyone else had an answer to is actually the same one everyone else is puzzling over!