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P7 to S6 Sunday nights 7pm to 9pm


TRASH is a youth event that meets every Sunday for times of games, time to chill out and a time for bible study. 

We split the night into three sections with a time to play some games and just chill out for a while. We will then have a time of bible study and discussion and then some time to relax at the end of the night.

At the time of bible study we do lots of different types of studies. We have looked at a series of "We are church" and what it means to be a church community; we have looked at "Aspects of God"; we have done studies on books of the bible; we create a list of questions the young people have about faith and look at what the bible says about them. Every week is different and always lots of fun with discussions taking different paths at times.

TRASH is about supporting young people in their faith or helping them start their faith journey.






Trash during the summer

What we have been doing over the summer